The project is co-funded by the FFEM (French Fund for the Global Environment), the IRD, the IDRC, the Société des Explorations de Monaco, the UNEP and UNDP for 3 years (2021-2023).

The objective of the DIDEM project is to extract the lessons learned from research projects focusing on 3 characteristic environments of the Western Indian Ocean: Islands, Deltas and Estuaries, and the High Seas. The dialogue between scientists and decision-makers is established on the basis of case-studies and is of interest for the governing institutions at various scales (village, district, country, sub-region e.g. Eastern Africa) and for the emerging civil society (primary and secondary schools).

The WIODER team implements this dialogue and at the same time develop research on the context of this dialogue for the "Deltas and Estuaries" part of the DIDEM project.

Kick-off meeting May 19th 2021

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